Class timetable

We run multiple classes each week, each with highly qualified instructors


Children and adults
White belt to green belt
Children and adults
Blue stripe to black belt


Adults only
White belt to black belt


Children only
White belt to green belt
Children only
Blue stripe to black belt


Please ensure you arrive before the class start time, anyone arriving after that time may not be accepted (due to the disruption to the class as well as the safety risk of participating without a complete warm-up). If you are accepted to train, you should expect to do press-ups - 20 for under 18s and 50 for over 18s - partially to assist you in catching up with the warm-up, and partially as discipline for the lack of respect shown by arriving late. If you do not accept this, don't turn up late!

If you are picking up a child from a lesson, please ensure you are there before the end of the session and at the door to the hall, unless children are of an age when they walk home by themselves, we won't send them out in the car park to walk to your car (due to safeguarding and risk of accidents).


We aim to always run classes to this schedule, but there may need to be emergency cancellations or changes to the schedule. Please ensure you join our members-only Facebook group as we may post last minute changes/cancellations there. If we need to change the class schedule on a regular basis, we will always try to give at least a month's notice.

Join us and experience the world's most popular martial art and Olympic sport.

No training fees for the first month and a free uniform in your second month!

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