What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art and Olympic Sport practiced by over 70 million people around the world making it the world’s most popular martial art. It is famous for its high and powerful kicking, but also includes hand strikes and locks.

Taekwondo practitioners learn traditional forms and modern sports fighting techniques in a safe environment with protective equipment.

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About our club

Since we were founded in 1986 and with close ties to Korea and senior Taekwondo grandmasters, Stevenage Taekwondo Club is the best place in Herts to learn this exciting martial art and sport.

Our students learn the whole range of Taekwondo techniques and aspects under our expert instructors that are absolutely committed to upholding the standards of the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukkiwon) and our familial school in Korea, the Changmookwan.

We continue traditional practices with modern technology (such as power-measuring pads, resistance band training and ladders) to deliver the best of both worlds - old school and up-to-date.

Transparent Pricing

Stevenage Taekwondo has traditionally been run as a non-profit focused group. The club charges some of the lowest fees of any martial arts, or for that matter sport, club in the area. We pride ourselves in keeping our fees as low as we can for our students.

A lot of other clubs also like to hide their fees behind things like "it's low cost, come and see us to find out more". We have all our fees and costs clearly listed on our website, for all to see.

We get a discount on equipment as a club, so we always are able to offer all Taekwondo equipment at below retail prices, along with our own range of clothing and equipment printed with our club logo, to help our students show how proud they are of membership and feel like a part of the group.

Students of all ages

We run classes for two age groups: children from 6-13 years old and adults (including children from 14 years old). Our oldest student in recent years was 60 years old, so we really do cater to all ages of students.

All classes are offered the entire syllabus of Kukkiwon Taekwondo and they achieve black belt ranks (both senior and junior) issued by the Kukkiwon and optionally the Changmookwan in Korea.

We also have quite a few parent and child/children families training together. This can be a great way of taking part in an activity together and as the common Taekwondo saying goes "a family that kicks together, sticks together".