Some useful documents for you to download. These aren't required reading for promotion tests, but contain some outstanding information.

Background reading

Grandmaster Andy Jeffries's 7th Dan thesis

Written for his Kukkiwon 7th Dan and Changmookwan 8th Dan promotion, this paper discusses the important principles of Taekwondo, and how to teach each major skill area.

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Grandmaster Andy Jeffries's 6th Dan thesis

Written for his Kukkiwon 6th Dan promotion, this paper discusses the meaning of the poomsae, the benefits and how they compare to other martial arts forms such as ITF Taekwon-do's and Karate's.

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Master Eron Miah's 5th Dan thesis

Written for his Changmookwan 6th Dan promotion, this paper discusses the benefits of a healthy diet and training programme on Taekwondo athletic performance.

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Modern History of Taekwondo

Written by reknowned historians in Korea, and translated to English by GM Glenn Uesugi, this document contains a wealth of historical information about the true foundation of Taekwondo.

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Current Kukkiwon poomsae videos

Not a download but the current official Kukkiwon poomsae (forms) videos on YouTube. IMPORTANT: Please don't try to learn poomsae from the videos, let us teach you step by step, but once you know a poomsae this can be a great resource for aiding your memory while practicing at home.

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Club Constitution

How our club is setup and operated by our committee.

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Grading Syllabus

Our full syllabus used for gradings at each rank.

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Safeguarding statement

An overview of how we handle safeguarding at Stevenage Taekwondo.

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British Taekwondo's Safeguarding Policy

The official policy of British Taekwondo, that we as a member club adhere to.

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Supervision Policy

Details of when and where we consider under 18's and vulnerable participants to be under our supervision, and when the responsibility lies with their parent/carer.

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Venue Risk Assessment 2021

The assessment of risk for our current training venue.

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