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How much is the first lesson?
Our first lessons for all ages are completely free. We require insurance and membership from the national association for the second lesson, but we then don't charge any training fees for the remainder of the first month.
How much is the uniform?
When new students join, they automatically get a free white collar uniform after we receive their first month's training fee. If extras are required, the cost is £23 for adults or £20 for children.
Am I too old/young to start Taekwondo?
Short answer "no", we can teach you Taekwondo at any age. Obviously your expectations need to be appropriate (e.g. achieving the splits or competing in sparring may be more of a challenge at a later age).
Am I too overweight to start Taekwondo?
We welcome people of all shapes and sizes. The exercise involved in training Taekwondo may be strenuous (so if your weight issue is severe, you may want to get approval from a doctor first), but we will always start you at a level you're able to perform at, and this will increase as your fitness improves.
I have an injury or special needs, can I still train?
We will always try to make Taekwondo available to everyone, there may be certain conditions where it's not appropriate for a person to take part in a combat sport/martial art, but making that final "no, you can't" decision is very rare (maybe twice in our 30+ year history).
Will I get hurt?
We try to make Taekwondo as safe as possible. This includes being partnered with someone size/experience appropriate, plenty of supervision and the wearing of protective equipment (which you will need to purchase past the first couple of belts). We are proud to say we haven't had any major injuries over our 30+ year history, but as it's a combat sport there's definitely no guarantee of 100% injury-free training and minor injuries are part of any contact sport.
I don't want to do this specific part of training, can I not do that bit?
Unless there's a medical reason for you being unable to take part in that aspect, then all students must take part in all areas of Taekwondo. We provide a well rounded syllabus in line with world standards set by the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) in Seoul, South Korea, and we expect all members to do all parts of it.

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