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Tempted to try Taekwondo with us? We try to make the experience as affordable and low-risk as we can for you. We want you to love Taekwondo as much as we do. Below is the timeline of what's involved in joining us for a free trial, to help make the process and costs as transparent as we can.



We generally have no waiting list for adults, but we always do for children due to a) higher numbers of them wanting to join and b) them requiring more dedicated supervision.

To find out if there space for you or your child, get in touch with us.


First lesson

After looking at our timetable or discussing a suitable start date with the club, when it's time for your first lesson simply come to Fairlands Primary School, Stevenage (before the start time) wearing a t-shirt and jogging bottoms/shorts/leggings. There's no need to buy a uniform to train in, but we'll come to that. We'd definitely recommend bringing a bottle of water or sports drink though.


Before second lesson

OK, so you enjoyed your first entirely free trial lesson - great! The next step is that all Taekwondo practitioners in the UK need insurance. Simply sign up for an account at, choose "Stevenage Taekwondo" as your club and that you'll pay via the club.

After that, let us know and we'll link that to a new account here (Members button in the top right) that you can use to setup your Direct Debit agreement. We'll take the £30 annual insurance fee via Direct Debit when you attend your second lesson.


During first month

That's all you have to pay during the first month. So keep enjoying those free trial lessons and feel free to talk to us about anything if you have any concerns


At the end of your first month

After your trial month, we'll start taking training fees (by default standard monthly package unless you tell otherwise before then).

As a special welcome gift, when we receive your first month's training fees, we'll give you a free Taekwondo uniform and belt. The cost of these is normally £20/£23, but we want you to feel part of our family as soon as possible - so it's our gift to you.

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