The training fees and plans available (if you want to pay over a longer period to save you money) are all described on the individual pages for the children's classes and the adult's classes.


All students and instructors must pay an annual membership and insurance fee of £25. All members of Stevenage Taekwondo Club are members of British Taekwondo, themselves a member of World Taekwondo and the British Olympic Association.

Promotion Tests

Every 3 months we hold a promotion test for our members. For a student to be eligible for consideration to test they must have completed 18 training sessions since their previous test. However attendance alone is not sufficient and all candidates must be recommended to test by a Master Instructor (i.e. purely having shown up won't mean a student is ready to test). Black belt (dan/poom) and colour belt (kup) tests are held on the same day and the dates are all set for the year ahead by early January.

Coloured belt tests are just £10, one of the cheapest around for martial arts clubs in our area. This includes the test fee itself, a new belt and certificate if the candidate is successful.

Black belt tests vary per rank as the fee charged to us by the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters, for internationally recognised certification varies per rank. However, we still compare favourably to, for example, British Taekwondo's dan grading fees.

For those that are interested in support and becoming part of our traditional head school in Korea, the Changmookwan, can also optionally and additionally apply for that certification. For more information, see Changmookwan UK.

Dan Rank Our Fee
(incl. Kukkiwon Fee)
Charges Us
British Taekwondo Fee
(for comparison)
1st Dan £60 US $70 £120
2nd Dan £70 US $90 £140
3rd Dan £90 US $120 £160
4th Dan Master £110 US $150 £220


Equipment including uniforms, shoes, kicking targets, protective pads etc is available from the club at a reduced price from retail. Once you've become a student you (or your parent) will have access to our online account system which lets you change the plan for your training fees and order equipment. The money for this will be taken under your existing Direct Debit agreement.

IMPORTANT: Students don't need to buy all the equipment below.
Most students will purchase some of the items over time but may not do this until after years of training.

For example, prices to Stevenage Taekwondo Club members currently are:

Item Children Adult
Basic * Premium * Basic Premium
WTF-Approved Uniform £23 £32 £25 £44
Head Guard £15 £25 £20 £30
Chest Protector (Hogu) £18 £32 £23 £35
Hand Protector £14 £20 £18 £25
Instep Protector £15 £21 £19 £25
Forearm Protector £10 £15 £13 £18
Shin Protector £12 £15 £17 £20
Groin Guard (male or female) £10 £15 £13 £20

* Basic range is something like Mooto MTX or JCalicu (depending on stocks at our suppliers). Premium is normally Adidas, but may be Nike or Daedo. Prices are the latest at the time of writing (28 September 2014) but may change depending on supplier pricing and stock, any excess due to prices dropping being refunded to the student.


The following items are also available to purchase from the club:

Item Price
Premium double-paddle £22
Basic double-paddle £15
Rebreakable boards
yellow, blue, red, black (ranging from easy/child to expert)


We have a selection of clothing items with the club logo on them available for order including the following:

Lightweight Showerproof Jacket

Size Price
7-8 (26" chest)
9-10 (28" chest)
11-12 (30" chest)
13-14 (32-34" chest) £24
Adult Small (36-38" chest)
Adult Medium (40" chest)
Adult Large (42" chest)
Adult XL (44" chest)
Adult 2XL (46-48" chest)

Sports Bags

Size Price
Medium £25
Large £35


Size Price
All sizes available £10

Polo Shirts

Size Price
All sizes available £22


Size Price
All sizes available £25