Promotion tests or gradings are held every 3 months (generally in March, June, September and December) at one of Stevenage Taekwondo Club's venues. It should be noted though that students should achieve a high level of attendance at most sessions (we have strict attendance requirements) in order to be eligible and that the Master Instructor will only test students that are technically ready.

Due to our "recommendation to test" rule, failures are rare (gradings shouldn't be a gambling situation, if the student isn't ready they will be told "next time" along with specific advise on what to improve on). This isn't to say promotions are a "given", failing to demonstrate appropriate spirit, correct techniques, power, accuracy and focus are all reasons to fail the test.

Testing Procedure

In the weeks leading up to the test, the Master Instructor will tell each student whether they are ready to test. On the testing day, the student should have current insurance with the national association (this is a requirement for training, but is specifically checked on the grading) and bring with them the £10 grading fee (which covers a new belt and coloured belt certificate).

After a warm-up taken by an Assistant Instructor or the Master Instructor, the students should sit down in the designated area of the hall. They will be called up in groups of 2, 3 or 4 and should stand up, bow and then run to the designated marks on the floor in the order they were called.

Students will then be asked to demonstrate basics, forms, sparring, destruction as applicable to the rank they are testing for. After their grading has finished they will be asked to bow and go and sit back down. If a large number of students are testing, they may come up in groups and sit back down in between each section of techniques.

Once all the students are finished they will be lead through either regular training or a cool-down while the Master Instructor finishes the paperwork. Then the students will all sit down while the Master Instructor tells them about the grading and their performance as a group. He will then call successful students up individually to receive their new tag/belt and a certificate, the rest of the class should give them a round of applause while they walk up.

If a student fails to promote this will not be announced, but a student who does not get called up to receive a belt/certificate should speak to the Master Instructor after the class is dismissed to find out how to improve for next time.

While parents/family are allowed to watch any session, it is specifically recommended to watch at promotion tests. They can be a nervous time for the students and knowing they have family watching can be a great boost. It is required that parents/siblings remain quite except for the applause during presentation.

Changmookwan Promotion

The application for Changmookwan Dan Certificates through the World Taekwondo Changmookwan Federation under the direct authority of Grandmaster Kim Joong Young is normally done on the basis of existing Kukkiwon certification and by demonstration of the skill level of the Changmookwan rank applied for. For more information, contact Master Jeffries at